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Audit of a Hospital...

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Audit of a Hospital...

I am going to audit a hospital as part of assignment. What important factors to consider when auditing a hospital especially a Blood Bank?

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What you have to know first is that 1) a hospital is a not-for-profit organisation therefore consider whether the audit strategy and the detailed audit plan are different from a profit-driven company
2) We can also look at the reporting requirements for not-for-profit organisation ( whether this is conducted in the same way as prot-driven organisation - ISAs and IFRSs)
3) we can also consider the kind of risks faced by this type of organisation
4) We may also consider how the internal control environment in a hospital works
5) And the overall response to identified risks ( due to errors maybe from the other departments such the purchase dept... )
6) Ethical issues.

One thing for sure about not-for-profit organisation is that we cannot really measure the relationship between input and output or the money injected into the hospital to the number of patients treated. This is my contribution and I hope this may give some insights.

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Idriss Malike thanks a lot. It's really a nice contribution and indeed very helpful.
would you please specifically identify the significant risks a hospital especially a blood bank can face?

April 10th 2016 AN ACCA USER 350 Points