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I want to know what type of questions are in professional ethics modules?

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The professional ethics is more like a scenario based thinking on ethical behaviour rather than right or wrong answers. It is also encouraged that you don't complete the module in one sitting so that you have had time to think about what you have learnt. I have added the link to the FAQ's on the ACCA website below

ethics FAQ's

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If you want to have a deeper, better and greater idea of what this paper is made of or how it looks like just go to " " and download past questions. This website has a lot of useful ACCA resources, is free to all ACCA students and is available 24h/24 and 7days/7.

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The module tests your ethical judgement. Preparing for it like a test defeats the objective, which is to develop your own ethical guidelines. There are some fundamental theory questions relating to different ethical models. This information is mostly to tie the development of these models together.

The best is to work through the module section by section and apply the principles you learn. You can't do it in one go as it's quite lengthy and the subject matter requires you to evaluate situations against what you would do if faced with that scenario.

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