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F5 Guidiance

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F5 Guidiance

I am hoping to write F5 in June and I am really struggling with it as I am doing self study. I got exemption on F2, I believe this has some impact on my understanding F5. Could anyone advice on how I can progress well or advice on other material that could help. I am currently reading the BPP text book.

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I feel your pain I also had problems with F5 but I had passed F2. There is a some cross over between the 2 in my F5 book it made reference to the acquired knowledge that we needed to know from F2.

There is a F5 study group that you could join here on the learning community which will have other students who are also studying the same paper. Also keep an eye out on the learning community as near exam time there is often a paper specific Q&A session. ACCA has a website which lists all the help available to self studying students and it produces a paper specific guide. I have linked the links for both below;

self study options
F5 self study guide

In the ACCA self study guide it goes into detail about the required knowledge which is needed from F2 and gives you some help on how to achieve this. I have also found the syllabus and study guide which shows exactly how F2 fits into F5 so you may want to take a look.

syllabus and study guide F5

My only other suggestion could be to make use of the free exam help available as BPP do a free exam surgery which also be a help if you are already using their textbook. Using this service would require inputting personal details so you may or not feel comfortable with that.

BPP exam surgery

The only thing I can suggest from personal experience is to ask lots of questions if you are unsure (again you could use the F5 study group for this) and practice lots of questions.

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Clear the concepts & practice past exam questions as many as of luck

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Thanks Mandeleine. I will follow these advice,

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Thanks Mohammad

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