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Selecting optional modules

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Selecting optional modules

Need a bit of advice on how to decide your optional papers? I understand that a lot depends on your job role and employer, but other than that, what considerations have you taken into account when choosing your optional papers?

November 4th 2013 AN ACCA USER 3,110 Points

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Hello Fatima. It is true that selecting optional papers depends highly on what career you want to pursue in future. I am myself confused on what to select. Should I be looking at high pass rates of each so that I clear them and complete my degree or should I select them from career perspective. There should be some sort of guidance on it From Acca body as well.

November 9th 2013 AN ACCA USER 9,230 Points
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Hello - good points below. One of the main pieces of research from ACCA shows that students who have done well reasonably recently in the papers that underpin the Options papers (so F9 for P4, F5 for P5, F6 for P6 and F8 for P7) tend to do better. This makes sense as you have to have a really good knowledge of the fundamentals of a subject before you can extend your knowledge at a strategic level in the Professional level papers.
There is a useful page on the ACCA website that you might find of interest: acca-qual-student-journey/ student-accountant/sa-archive/ study-tips-learning/ support-for-your-options-papers.html. This groups together resources for all Options papers and we hope will help you in your choices and also when studying for them.
November 13th 2013 AN ACCA USER, EDITOR 1,350 Points
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In choosing options you should go for those papers which you intend to pursue in future. If its management reporting then go for p4/p5 and if its auditory roles then p6/p7. It also depends on which area you are stronger in, numbers or theory. P6/p4 are more numerical whereas p7 and p5 are more theory based. You should also look at your F5, F6, F8 & F9 scores and see where you scored higher and found interesting and pursue those

November 11th 2013 AN ACCA USER 280 Points
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i advice u to go for p6 & p7.....Because your first priority should be to affiliate..these paper are easy going and u can manage will a little time along with ur job or something else....if u have any other intrests to persue u can take them after taking ur this is acceptable to acca to any any other optional paper after ur affiliation.
March 20th 2014 AN ACCA USER 360 Points
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Hi Fatima

I took a look at the past papers to see how I did and then choose the optional papers.  I also took a look at where I would like to be in around 10 years time.

So I guess that personal career progression has to be considered as well.  I knew that I wanted to remain in industry so the optional P4 Advanced Financial Management and P5 Advanced Performance Management would be better for me.

One thing I did find is that I can definately feel that we have stepped up when sitting P4 from the previous levels.

I think that once you get to the optional stages you can definately give yourself a pat on the back as it has been tough.  With only two more papers to go I guess that personal circumstances also play a part as to when you can study/how to study.

I did find that tutorial support was paramount for me getting an understanding for P4 and it did help getting a good understanding.

Good Luck Fatima and I'm sure you will choose the right route for your personal goals and career
December 23rd 2013 AN ACCA USER 430 Points
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v good question

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