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Hi, Can anyone advice Which P Papers to pick..

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Hi, Can anyone advice Which P Papers to pick..

I'm about to start the P papers. I'm looking to do 2 papers in the June 2016 sitting. Could anyone advise which 2 papers should I take and if any are a good combination?
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hi, which papers you take at an exam sitting is very much a personal choice which is dependent on your own personal circumstances such as;

do you want to take 2 essential papers 1st if you are unsure on your option papers?
do you wish to combine a theory based paper like P1 with a more number based paper?

I found this on the ACCA website which may be helpful it is primarily talking about the option papers rather than the essential but as they have changed the rules about the order in which you can now do the p papers it may still be useful.

P Paper options

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