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F9 urgent is the kit enough to pass f9?

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F9 urgent is the kit enough to pass f9?

Plz provide me with guidance on how to pass f9 is the revision kit enough to pass ??

Because i cant understand all book examples and the book full of theories no time to read. Will sit for exam on this june 2016

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I advise you to look at the F9 paper in general and get a feel on how the examiner wants to put it into exam, try the revision kit questions and compare your answer with the answer on the book, if there is a difference don't despair learn the format of the answer from the Kit and the knowledge in it ,because what I know is that answers on the Kit are enough even for revision of a chapter, take a note and familiarize yourself with it. A while after you will see fluency in answering the question the same style as the Kit preparer.

The examples on the book are there for shaping and testing your responses and also giving yourself a credit but not the same as those you will be expecting in the exam so make sure that you understand the knowledge and applications and have the ability to apply them in exam...

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Practice past exam questions & try to follow the answer format given by the of luck.

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Have you tried any kind of tuition? There is free online tuition out there which you could try. Or sit down with another student to talk things through.
I do not think that you will understand enough to pass the exam solely through reading a book, but that is just my opinion

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Do not panic.
I feel your pain,and understand that you feel as if time has run out for you to sit down and read a study text(Book)

In life remember to do what works for you,i recall how i was still reading the Audit & Assurance study text two weeks before the exams and still passed.
I had attempted the TYU(Test Your Understanding)in the A & A study text,and done a few practice kit questions with each topic,but never the mock exams or past paper questions.

I always made sure with each topic reading i end it with at least two practice kit questions,those practice kit questions were my mock.

I admit the sight of my classmates attempting mock questions while i was still reading on the 11th hour kind of scared me,but i knew my strengths and weaknesses,i knew me.

You know your strengths and so if you believe you can pass with just the practice kit,then you will,but with proper strategy and revision.

You asked about the LSBF notes,well try and download the Lsbf tutorial videos to accompany the Lsbf notes.
I will retry to send the notes again.

Also use the ACCA syllabus guide along with the Lsbf notes....very vital

As for the practice kit,i find the model answers are ideal and better at explaining a topic than the actual study[ text book].

Also find yourself a study buddy,i think that will help,and as for easy understanding i would recommend Emile Woolf Financial Management,it's designed for non English speakers or rather people to whom English is not their first language,for example me and you.

Just like LSBF Notes,Emile Woolf books are to the point and easy to understand,am not soliciting or advocating,but what a brother is trying to say is that life is suppose to be easy and that is why i would pick Kaplan over BPP books any-day,yeah i said it.

ACCA is not written in stone,so whatever can help you understand a topic and pass the exam is good for you,and i hope i don't get flagged for my comments or recommendations,free speech baby.

We are accountants,human not Cyborgs,so listen to your heart,if the practice kits work for then you don't need anyone's approval.
If walls could talk,alot of students have read and used approved platinum service providers religiously,and failed.
Also,the overall key to passing any ACCA exam is the syllabus set by ACCA,i use that as a guide to what i need to learn, not what the tuition provider indicates.
Yes Zam Zam, to cover the syllabus of an Acca exam, you need to know what is the examiners covers.

I did home study for about the first modules of my ACCA exams.However, as they got harder, I found Kaplan and BPP revision courses essential.Becker Professional education and Emile Woolf books are recommended by me(Plain English).

Although it is good to get through the textbook and cover the material and gives you a sense of satisfaction if you can get to the end of it, question practice is a much better use of time. I don't think that 2 weeks of question practice is enough,which is why now I try to put aside my textbook 6 weeks before the exam and move onto the exam kit.

Exam technique and approach and reports also matters.

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Practice as many past examination questions as possible, in order to improve understanding and examination technique.

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