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Study buddy for F2 and F5 (September exam)

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Study buddy for F2 and F5 (September exam)

Hi everyone,

I am looking for 1 or 2 study buddies for the upcoming F2 and F5 exams in September, 2016.

If you are interested, please reply to this question with your email.


May 23rd 2016 AN ACCA USER 120 Points

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hi also writing in F5 in september my email is

May 24th 2016 AN ACCA USER 340 Points
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Me also , My mail
My Mob No +966556933298

May 29th 2016 AN ACCA USER 2,700 Points
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I am also doing F5 in September, please send me email at

May 30th 2016 AN ACCA USER 380 Points
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My name is steven.
TakingF5 Sep exam in Singapore. Self study.
The more difficult questions are in variances. Maybe Starr with this.

June 7th 2016 AN ACCA USER 180 Points 1 Flag
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Hi I am Hassan.

I am looking for an F5 buddy for the September exam.

June 22nd 2016 AN ACCA USER 140 Points
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Hello Im going to attend my F2 on Wednesday and F3 in September. I also bought practise test from ACCA website, if you are interested also to exchange study question/resouces let me know please.

I am based in Bristol (UK)



July 2nd 2016 AN ACCA USER 170 Points
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Hi, I sit also F5 in September 2016. For me, difficult areas are transfer price, performance management interpretation at part C subjects and decision trees. I self study and use Kaplan materials. My email is

August 30th 2016 AN ACCA USER 140 Points
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My name is Tania.
I'm preparing for F2. It would be great if someone join me for studying)
My email:
Skype: gitane2001

August 30th 2016 AN ACCA USER 180 Points
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Try this youtube channel for some innovative short and direct exam revision videos for paper F5!

Brien's Accounting Youtube Channel

Good luck with all your exams!

November 3rd 2017 AN ACCA USER 730 Points