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Is there any co-relation between varoiu papers from F5 - F9 ?

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Is there any co-relation between varoiu papers from F5 - F9 ?

I’m new to ACCA. I had 4 papers exemption(F1 – F4),I made an attempt for F6 in June 2016. Please help me regarding the choice of next paper , since i have barely 2 months to study I don’t want to make my efforts and money worth less. If i chose to do F8 before F7, is it OK?

Please help me in this regard. Should i follow the order of exams? Being a beginner, I’m not aware whether there is any co-relation between various papers.

Thanks in advance,


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I think you can. F8 is linked with F3. Need to know all the accounting standards for clear understanding. I myself identified F8 as a conceptual and qualitative without numerical problem solving. need dynamic answer using ISA codes of ethics. in fact I am also preparing to appear F8 sep-16.

Good Luck


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I think taking F8 before F7 is fine. I am going to take F5 in September after passing F1-F4 and F6. I believe 2.5 months is quite enough to study for F8.
Good luck!

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I studied F8 and passed first time and I am now working on F7. I did this in conjunction with the audit that was taking place at work. I found this helpful as I could put the learning into context.

I gave myself around 2 and half months to study in and found this be plenty of time.

Good Luck with whichever one you decide on.

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I did F7 and F8 together in June exam sitting. I think there's co-relation between these two papers and more so F7 is more of calculation while F8 is all about writing if you know what I mean. But it's up to you if you can handle the two papers at once.

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I think there is very little correlation between is f7 and f8. I would normally suggest my peer to take f7 as your last f paper and take p2 immediately after passing f7.
F8 has got little correlation with p1. So I guess taking f8 first is ok. Otherwise, you may considering taking f5 first ?
Ps: I m taking SG variant

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F8 requires you to have basic understanding of Financial Reporting Standards and you need not go through F7.

A lot of what you learn in F8 is also part of the P1 syllabus (esp the Ethics part). I personally am not a fan of papers which involve a lot of theory so I took them together, had the same lecturer who highlighted how quite bit of F8 is part of P1 too.

At this point, I would suggest you go with F5, get yourself acquainted with how to approach ACCA papers before plunging into pure theory/concept based ones. The key to passing the papers is not how much we know, rather understanding the requirements (crucial), mark allocation, which you will get used to after taking a couple of papers.

From correlation point of view take,

F8, P1 together or in progression

F7 followed by P2 (both are reporting papers, P2 is progression of F7)

F9 and P4 (P4 is option paper, again progression of F9 and some P2).

Do check on if you are required to complete F level papers before you can take P papers.

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F8 and F7 have plenty related aspects. My thoughts are that it would be more beneficial to apply the F7 skills first which will in turn help with applying F8 skills so for that reason I think it would be better to do F7 before F8.

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Has anyone tried 2 or even more exams per session ?

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