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Study group (UK)

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Study group (UK)

what: discussion/study group
area: UK wide, purely because of the syllabus content and time zones
mode of communication: Skype
frequency: depends, but at least 3x week
publisher: BPP
duration of each session: max 2 hours as time is super precious!
Mon: examples
Wed: examples
Thu: FT\Telegraph - current affairs discussion (20 - 30 min each)
Sun: examples

size: 3-5 participants so that everyone gets a chance to present back to the group and that there is time to feedback
how to derive the most?: discussion point. :-)

1. revision - BPP revision kits
2. current affairs (UK)


  • so far I have learned that learning from study txt's is quite pointless unless it is followed by an immidiate practice. Same as in F6 I have spent endless
    hours reading about concepts not really understanding them, so the ah-ha moments would not come until I was doing the endless exercises from the study txts.
    Now, the studying part should be done by each member of the group individually in private with key concepts being discussed in the group - the entire purpose.


  • well the format should be in a form of revision as in all participants will be required to complete the worked examples in their spare time and the purpose of Skype group call will be only to go over the homework and to discuss questions and tips.

Let's face it the whole beauty of accountancy, and yes it is beautiful, lies in application of logic and principals which, let's face it, are quite hard to comprehend and worst of all to remember. (the worst is when you really understood the logic behind say consolidation only to find out that you
forgotten it all next time you come to do it, hence practice, practice, practice...makes perfect.)

  • so the actual format I propose is that an agreed number of examples to be completed in line with pre-agreed schedule, nicely leading up to the exam date.

Current affairs - This is something that I feel genuinely passionate about and would love to do this in a group. BHS, SportsDirect, Stanley Gibbons and countless
others. I feel however that if I was to research it by myself, it would take me forever, a task impossible, so here I propose a structured approach with each
group participant having a 'chunk' of the overall research, which could be published online with all authors/contributors credits, thus enhancing your own

I am currently studying F7 and F8 for Sep exams. BTW this combination is a really good one, for all of you undecided ones out there.

I am really eager to hear from all of you, and look forward to passing together.

PS: Please note that this is not a sales pitch or a some sort of a scam, but rather a genuine attempt to establish a quality discussion group.

'If you want to move quickly, move alone, if you to move effectively the move in a group.'

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