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Multiple exams in a sitting ( f5 and f6 ) - study technique for 3 month period

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Multiple exams in a sitting ( f5 and f6 ) - study technique for 3 month period

Hi guys,

I am writing f5 this december and resitting F6 too. Since this is the first time I am writing two exams together and on back to back dates, I have no clue as to which study technique/plan would suit me ...

For starters,
I am 19 years old
I am self studying f6 and taking tuition for f5
I am using only the Open Tuition notes and a revision kit from bpp.
until last time round i followed the last moment cramming technique and it worked for me during my f1-f4 exams (cbes), it didn't for my f6-pbe (44%).

the problem was I strongly believed that cramming suited me and left things until a month before the exam ... my mind argues that whats the point of me learning it today if I am going to forget it tomorrow ... but i guess its time i change that mindset!

Its a nerve-wrenching and equally depressing feel when you studied 9 hours a day in a month and still fail and to know that your family looks up to you...

Now that i have taken f5 and f6 for December 2016 i'd like to know whats worked for you in the past and what might work for me in present ?!

Also I'd like to know your experiences on your Road to an ACCA membership and the sacrifices and time-table scheduling/allotment you did for a successful multiple exam sitting - all pass?!

Thanking You,

August 8th 2016 AN ACCA USER 120 Points

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Hi Dominic,

I was thinking of enter for F5 and F6 next December, but to be honest I changed my mind. I much rather site one paper per time, will be much easier to focus in one structure and one type of paper. My study plan is for three months for each paper, so I can focus easily in every single one and also have four done per year.

trust me, loads of things looks like you are not going to use anymore, but you will.

Take it easy built a plan to study an focus on it!
Which variant are you taking for F6?

August 9th 2016 AN ACCA USER 470 Points