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How to self- study and do well for P1 & P3 in exams? Any suggestions?

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What type of guidance you are looking for?
If this is your first time attempting- firstly read the book ( read 2 chapters then make a summary notes which includes main headings and bullet points and test your understanding). Usually when you read the heading those bullet points should come to your mind not all of it but more than half thats when you know to do next two chapters.

After the book you should have a map in ur mind of what corporate governance is why its needed ,its code and what risks will be faced by the company if its not implementing it . Trust me when you think outside the box thats its the technique to pass acca pro papers.

After you have spent not more than 20 days max on above guidlines you should open up ur laptop, go to youtube and search for p1 revision lectures , they are 2:30 hrs long and the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO !!!!!!!!! . You will feel that you have wasted time reading the book but thats normal and YOU HAVNT WASTED THE TIME READING IT.
The online lectures will also attempt some questions too then you will get the idea how to answer thequestion.
Finally do exam kit question and sample question too from acca site
Garunteed pass 100 %
P.S the most difficult part is commiting urself to study. In starting days just sit and open the books and dont think that what will hapen , spend 45 min going through the book and take 15 min break then come back and just open the book.

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I will be self studying P1 this December and I have self studied modules before. My advice would be to obtain an ACCA approved tuition provider study and revision text. Have a look as there are usually offers available when buying the textbooks.

Have a look at the learning resources on the ACCA learning community and download the self study guide for both modules. There will also be articles written by the examining team and key areas of the syllabus as well. Join the study groups for both P1 and P3. Nearer the exam date there will be revision sessions, Q&A etc on the learning room for ACCA learning community to join and there are texts that you can read of previous sessions.

Finally sign up for opentuition as this a website which has free lectures and ask the tutor functions.

Good luck with your exams
Best wishes

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