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Hi Guys,

I used the website for P1 and thought it was great. I bought the 'classroom' which breaks down the exam into different sections, each having a video lecture, simplified textbook notes and an MCQ test. Most also have a video of an exam question being completed by Richard Clarke* and last anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 mins if I remember correctly.

  • Richard Clarke was a Director at BPP, Responsibile for training all of their tutors worldwide. He has been a full time accountancy tutor for 20 years, teaching over 30,000 hours. He rates as his finest achievement, believing it to be ground-breaking and the most useful resource available to any accountancy student.

This guy, and many of his online students, maintain that you can use his classrooms to pass an exam, first time, without any use of a textbook at all.

For me, I get engrossed in the textbook far too much and it makes me feel far too stressed and worry about the exam. It's just far too much learning material to make a reasonable studying structure from now until the exam.

Does anyone on here have any experience of using his Classroom course for any other exams, mainly P3 as it's the one I'm away to sit?

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ACCOWTANCY.COM has been very helpful to me.
Richard classes are very easy to understand.For sure you don't need a text book.I have struggled understanding P3 ,but with his help,i feel ready for the exam .

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