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Examiner reports - all you need to know!

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Examiner reports - all you need to know!

The examiners' reports are an essential study resource. Read them to learn about mistakes that students commonly make in exams and how to avoid them. The guidance articles and interviews set out the general approach to the syllabus and the exam, and provide tips on how to improve your exam performance.

  • An examiner’s report is produced after every exam sitting and focuses on areas that students did well in and where they could have done better.
  • They refer to specific exam questions and provide guidance on how you can avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Ideally you should look at the last four reports – noting specific knowledge areas which caused difficulties as well as specific areas around exam technique.

An example of an examiner report can be found here:

September 9th 2016 AN ACCA USER 220 Points

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It's helpful,you can find out which part was confusion

September 14th 2016 AN ACCA USER 270 Points 4 Flags