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revision - can form a part of continuous learning process

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revision - can form a part of continuous learning process

Changes like syllabus update is a continuous process and papers at professional level are linked to knowledge and skills module papers. This means it will be harder to pass at professional level if we lack core understanding on knowledge and skills modules. The syllabus structure diagram shows how papers are linked together. I guess this highlights how important revision can be.

Therefore, in this time before the result is out, why not revise papers linked to our next sitting in December? Why not check syllabus for next sitting and plan our revision/study?

June 22nd 2014 AN ACCA USER 8,730 Points

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That is a superb idea and suggestion . Classes still have a lot of time to be started in my country at different learning centres.of acca and my parents suggest to start studying on my own and buy relevant text books so that I have some knowledge about subject while.sitting in the initial classes .

June 23rd 2014 AN ACCA USER 9,230 Points