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I did P2 P5 AND P7 sometime back and i falied my friends passed all of them anyone wih advise on how to study?

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July 4th 2014 AN ACCA USER 380 Points

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Use online study material available ,focus on text book and exam kit , go through recent important articles and develop a habit to Study on daily basis so that your prepared for exams in advance and you can mitigate pressure handling near exam days.

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Try to use the website Windows exam and choose ACCA.

July 7th 2014 AN ACCA USER 850 Points
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ah...personal opinion of the friend passed and you don't thing...
I think your question is too general. and btw never compare to somebody else,unless you are extremely familiar and almost spend all the time together(which is always impossible coz i spent almost 10hrs+ to study but i spent the time in the dorm watching <24> and they all thought i passed the exams by luck .actually i passed by studying.shrug ) (ps i did that becoz i found it impossible to study in the dorm coz i want to talk.not becoz i am a person try to mislead the others.shrug)

really study advice
I think SABIHA made a very thorough one and i ll just expand it.
i always spent about 3 months to prepare.the first 1.5 months i spent the time to study the text book or course notes, listening to the courses and try to get about say 70% of them understood(about 3hrs per day).then i ll spent all the time(about 5hrs per day)(and i always just do mock exams 2 weeks before the real exam thats y i got mark not very high.shrug i got midterm anyway always before acca global...)

btw i always let it go when it was the weekend.but the last 2 weeks i spent all the time on ACCA

about the scores i got average of 67 in F6-9.
passed p123 at the same session average61.(only 2 student passed 123 at the same time in our class.coz we got cet-4/6 here...)

finally learning is a really hard thing isnt it? coz i typed a looooooooooooot here,you still wont know how i take notes how to find key points or something like that. Before taking the exams i thought, oh its so difficult and after passing it I have discover my own way of studying.

Enjoy the journey of getting ACCA!~

other questions just ask me ~

July 17th 2014 AN ACCA USER 570 Points
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Thanks Sab have you finished ACCA?
July 15th 2014 AN ACCA USER 380 Points
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BM I don't unerstand
July 15th 2014 AN ACCA USER 380 Points