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Is ACCA biased during exam checking ?

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Is ACCA biased during exam checking ?

I failed P7 last year at 38. I have been clearing exams in one go previously or in second attempt but Yesterday March 2017 results were really disappointing as I failed the P7 Exam at 35. I have answered the first question in the report format and ended that with conclusion that should give me 2 marks means I scored only 33 in my second attempt and I know, the kind of exam I have given there is no way I can score only 33.

Being a Client Manager at a platinum status employer that has been very insulting to me. My family and friends who got to know about my result laughed. I am really depressed and I want this to be over as soon as possible.

Do you think ACCA for sake of revenue failing me or there is a set percentage of students they want to pass each term. Administrative Review feedback is NOT worth spending the money as its NOT a remarking service. I want to look at my Exam to see how are they awarding marks. Very Unfair

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Hi and greetings from Sunny Cyprus

I wanted to respond back to your message in the capacity of probably the OLDEST registered student of the ACCA (registered in May 1994)

I now only have P6 to go in June and i am finally done.

I am sorry about your deferred success (all papers i failed i did not see them as such, but was just a delay in my future success)

Being on this path for so long and having spoken to 1000's of students along the way i have found 1 common thread - initially we all feel let down after a not so favorable result but at the end of the day it just comes down to how well prepared we were.

I have sat down with markers and assessors and they have taken me through the marking process + re-marking process and checking process and i am sure the above what you state does not apply.

As a Group FC of a large corporation the only way i have found to get way ahead of the pack in this beautiful journey of life to to take FULL ACCOUNTABILITY and EXTREME OWNERSHIP in anything that i do.

Any paper that i have learnt the principles and have then sat down under exam conditions and solved past paper questions upon past paper questions i have passed, thats how i passed all my P's first go

Any paper that i did not take that route i have not been successful to begin with

I am sure that you will re-take it in June and you WILL pass! I have no doubt

Your Friend

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Wow This is encouraging. I felt i was the oldest on this Journey having registered since 2000. I have failed once or twice on a paper or two but always passed on the third or second attempt. P6 is my last paper and am done too. I also felt that ACCA was biased to me being an African writing uk tax exams. Am a tax consultant and really felt terrible as i know i knew my staff and has been recommended to a lot of companies. My issue is ACCA don't provide you with the feed back individually that tells you that you are lacking in a particular area.

I wish i could be told that this is your weakness then work harder at it to pass. I feel i have written this paper 3 times. Writing a paper once a feeling depressed is a thing when you have not know failure. Press on as you will pass if you keep trying. You may not even have to write it as many times as i have.

All the best.

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Dear sir


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