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How do you study p2? How do you able to recall the IAS, IFRS? How to do well for the compulsory Question 1?

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Hi and greetings from Sunny Cyprus

  1. You should not learn the standards by heart, only understand them, their substance, meaning and be able to practically apply them in a scenario
  2. If you DONT remember the IAS no. in the exam you can easily write, as per the international accounting standards......
  3. Tackle question 1 in parts, our lecturer used to say, "how do you eat an elephant", but by bit, so tackle it in small, manageable parts
  4. I was told by a prize winner of P2 to "touch everything" in the exam, leave NOTHING undone, even if you need to waffle (there are 4 marks given if you attempt everything and your answers are tidy)

Just learn the principles of each standard and then questions, this is the last thing people want to hear but its the truth, question practice under examination conditions, that is really the only way

Let me know if i can help you any further

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