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What happens when I reschedule my CBE exam?

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What happens when I reschedule my CBE exam?

Supposedly I'm taking 2 CBE (FFA and FMA) tomorrow. However, I am not feeling well and have contacted the respective CBE centre and provided the relevant documents. They have agreed on to rescheduling the exam date.

However, I am concerned whether this would affect my exam results or status? Because I have rescheduled my exam, and when I download my exam result...would it say anything about it?

For example, "FFA & FMA, the student was absent or has rescheduled the exam", or "simply 0 marks" because I didn't attend my (supposedly) exam date.

Bear in mind, this is not those June or Dec CBE. This is those CBE (F1, F2, F3) where you pretty much take it anytime.

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You loose the money.

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