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P1 repeat exam in December

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P1 repeat exam in December

I have tried sitting the P1 paper last year and didn't pass on either occasions which was June September and December. Both September and December resulted in the same mark of 46%.
I'll be sitting the December P1 paper and hopefully this time will be a pass mark and I'll. e straight into P3 to avoid doing the merged paper next year.

Would anybody have any tips for me please? As I was thinking of moving on doing a different paper but I'm unsure if it's the style of writing that I'm presenting that doesn't allow me to pass. In that case then there's no point moving on if I'll be carrying the same mistake to the next papers.

September 19th 2017 AN ACCA USER 150 Points

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Hello Maja,
I hope you pass your exam at next seating, what I believed helped me scale through P1 was fact that, I was attempting F8 while writing P1, and having also attempted on line corporate finance course online at some point in the past. I would there request that you take the pain to review/revisit your F8 if you have attempted sometime ago, review also corporate reporting, not in detail, but it would help to give you a wider view on your answering the question,

Make sure you separate each point you make, add heading to each one of them as well, and read the question first.

Review similar examiner answers format and, attempt some under exam condition. Not the length of your writing but quality of your answers. Keep this in mind, and give your answers practically outlook.

September 21st 2017 AN ACCA USER 250 Points