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how can one write a good p7 answer?

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how can one write a good p7 answer?

I failed p7 in September, it was my first attempt, my morale is down now and I lost confidence, qn 1 is time consuming and designing an answer is really a problem to me though my accounting knowledge is good. it could that I waffle so much. some one to my rescue

November 5th 2017 AN ACCA USER 310 Points

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I've passed P7 at first attempt in June. If you have good knowledge but struggle with Q1 you need to work on your technique.
From my experience the best way to approach Q1 is:

  • get easy marks first by putting answer in required format, e.g. for briefings notes simple "from", "to", "subject" at the beginning gets you 1 mark already! If you put it in a nice, readable format, you can get up to 4 professional marks for nothing.
  • put your answer in paragraphs with headings and 2-3 short sentences for each of them, each of them will get you 0.5-1 mark. Remember to make them specific to the scenario. This will make it so much easier for marker to check and make sure they didn't miss anything. You could even start each sentence from new row. Basically make it as easy to read as possible.
  • stick to the time! Q1 is 50 marker so try not to spend more than 1.5h on it. E.g. if you have 15 marks for evaluating risks, try to get 5-6 risks with 2-3 sentences for each. If you can't, forget about it and move on, leave a bit of blank space if you want to add something later but MOVE ON. Easy marks are usually at the end of the Q1, they are usually more general and relevant to loads of scenarios so you might miss easy 5-10 marks by not moving onto next part when you out of ideas on the previous one.

Hope that helps!

November 7th 2017 AN ACCA USER 200 Points