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I plan to give the F5 paper in Mar'18 but the confusion ?

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I plan to give the F5 paper in Mar'18 but the confusion ?


I have a confusion regarding which paper should be taken for March 2018 ACCA examinations session.

I have cleared paper from F1-F7 ( F4 to be exemption as I will graduate in May 2018) and I gave F8 and F9 in this December session.

I plan to give the F5 paper in March'18 but the confusion is should I opt for P1 and P3 paper in upcoming session or when it will be combined ?

Hope the ACCA members on LinkedIn will help me out.
Thank you for reading

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Hi Akshata,

you can't sit the Ps papers unless you either have cleared all the Fs papers or take whatever left in the F along with Ps paper.

For example, you can take F5, P1, and P3, you cant take P1 and P3 and leave out the F5.

You can take F5 and P1 in March and P3 in June, but you need to have cleared P3 and P1 before September 2018 and if you have not cleared both of them by then you will lose credit and you would have to give the new paper.

Hope that helped.

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