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Result release time

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Result release time

I received the email days ago, didn't really bother to read it since this would be my last paper and I wish it can be my last time to expect the result too. But while I cleared the unread email during lunch just now, I only realize that the exam result notification through email will be released on 00.00 UK time on 15 January 2018, which is Malaysia time 08.00.

I have always remembered to receive my result on 07.00, and it always come real quick(I am using gmail), last received was 07.14, and previous to last was 07.03.

Hmm... The reason to receive my result on 07.00 is way better than 08.00 is because I merely just wake up around that time and seeing the result will not be much impact like scared or worried. But 08.00, honestly 08.00 is almost time for me to go into my office, and waiting for the email notification while on my way to work?! Argh!

Good luck to everyone who is waiting for their results on 15 January.

January 9th 2018 AN ACCA USER 420 Points

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Congratulation! Hopefully this will be your last time waiting!

January 9th 2018 AN ACCA USER 450 Points