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ACCA failing students for sake of money.

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ACCA failing students for sake of money.

Hello acca fellow students,

I have a Question, is it worth spending the money on acca qualification ?

Acca tends to pass you at initial levels of qualification, F1,2,3. just to engage your interest in qualification but with the P series they won't let you pass and on top you cannot re appeal about feedback or see how examiner marked the paper which casts a doubt upon the integrity of Acca.

It's a foreign qualification with little or no recognition in Asian or US markets.

A checker is assigned with 400 sheets and they can get paid £11 per sheet marked (something I learned from open tuition website). It's a Not for profit organization yet they make crazy amount of money if you look at their Consolidated Financials and observe the increase in Non Current Assets, not to mention beautiful buildings (

Also, they can remove you from acca register for whatever reason so, no future security these Removal of details are not on website but you can google it (type in Removal of acca students in google).

Compare ICAEW, CIMA they never had to advertise as much as acca does.

so, my question is, do you think the so called self praising qualification is worth the pursuance ?

January 23rd 2018 AN ACCA USER 630 Points
Edited January 23th 2018 AN ACCA USER

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Good for your sir, glad that you passed in one go. Acca do have to show that people are passing in one go otherwise it will cast doubt that no one can pass this qualification without failing so, i guess you are among top 0.1%.

if you may, please observe your surroundings how students mostly fail even you know that they have better preparation than you. In my case its quiet opposite my fellow colleagues who studied with me at a platinum provider and my teacher who is at partner level position with EY thought I would score good marks but I failed my P7 exam at my first try at 36 which was very astonishing (picked myself again) and failed again at 38 not to mention that I was working with acca approved employer and had acca mentor and got promoted twice because of my skills in accounting.

I simply did not know what I was missing, so this time as we all know the drill more past paper, more examiners report, latest technical articles and all I got was 48.I appealed acca for admin review and they said you passed main question and failed others. I think it was unfair that student cannot see how the exam was, I appealed against exam committee and their response was after the deadline that your mark issued is valid. They gave me an option to complain their own internal department which is biased but that was my only option so i did that and lady said we are sorry that you failed P6 exam and guess what, I never sat for P6 exam it was all about P7.

I feel hostility at this point and I think anyone in my position would feel the same. If there is a regional quota that these many students should pass in this region or may be a UK lobby (nothing to be racist about). I think acca should show my marked script. I have a big delay in qualification I cannot wait for this to be over so, I can move on with my life and never ever hear anything from this professional body. Hope this makes some sense.

Kind regards,

January 24th 2018 AN ACCA USER 630 Points
Selected January 24th 2018 AN ACCA USER
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First of all, ACCA is one of the most respectable qualification in the world. And they do not fail you deliberately in any of the exams. I myself is an ACCA affiliate and I have pass all my papers in first attempt and mostly with good marks. Its the mistakes you have done in your examination that let you fail the paper.

And as you are trying to say that F1-F3 have high pass rates than P level papers, so the answer for it is that P level papers have low pass rates because more professional skills are tested at that level. so it should be fact that comparatively less people are able to pass these papers quickly.

And as a professional you should already know that they do not remove anyone from ACCA register without any serious misconduct.

January 24th 2018 AN ACCA USER 820 Points
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I think because of some various circumstances you are taking much pressure on yourself. And maybe because of time pressure during examination some people even after preparation (past papers etc.) are not able to pass the exam and probably you are also having this issue. And moreover, people do make such mistakes in exams that even they didn't recognize where they have made mistakes.

It was sad to hear that you were not satisfied by the appeal, I honestly did not know much details about how the appealing committee works, so I will not comment anything relating to that.

And be positive there is no quota system for passing the exam, its only the hard work which makes the difference.

I hope that you may pass your exams soon.

January 25th 2018 AN ACCA USER 820 Points