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P1 & P2 in 5 weeks?

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P1 & P2 in 5 weeks?

Hi All,

Basically I got my 9 exemptions in University last July, and haven't touched any accounting since. Between July and December, I worked from October to December but again unrelated to accountancy (more finance). Now because I wasn't used to working, I became too tired and missed the December sitting for P1 and P2. I planned to sit P1 & P2 in March this year on the idea that if I pass even one of them, its one in the bag.

I checked the information with regards to the changes in the syllabus, and realised that if I passed P2 before September that makes me exempt from the slight change in September. But I needed to pass P1 AND P3 to be exempt in September. I really don't like the sound of the new syllabus and I checked the new exam specimen and it seems that you are basically in the shoes of the the person in question.

I started studying early January, and honestly wasted 2 weeks stressing about ways to study as note taking took way too long than usual and it just wasn't going in. After many study methods, I decided to purchase a classroom with aCowtancy for P1, and just use OpenTuition for P2, both along with my study text and exam kits from Kaplan.

My issue is, its now end of January, and I haven't covered many topics. The aCowtancy classroom has a 4 week course for P1 but honestly is like the basics and the videos are like 5 minutes long. The teacher expects you to understand it as he goes through a exam question briefly. I'll admit the resource is very good but I am struggling to answer or attempt any exam questions. Some knowledge is there but application and expanding on points I'm finding difficult.

With P2, I initially covered group accounts basics and a few standards, but apart from that no progress. My entire day is on P1 and as I am not currently working I have basically all day to study. I've tried asking other tutors via email and theyre response is usually its do-able just purchase our material.

My question to you guys is, realistically is it do-able? I've read many people say they do it in a week! I'm currently stressed, and feel like giving up which is wrong! My days are unproductive and I haven't even started one exam question yet as I can't put my ideas on paper.

Should I stick to the aCowtancy 4 week course for P1? Should I just focus on one exam for now as I haven't done a real ACCA paper before? Should I just leave P1 and P3 and do P2 in June and wait for the new syllabus for P1/P3? Should I work part-time and just do the exams when I'm ready regardless of whether I have to wait till September to do it? I have not booked any exams in yet, but need to this week if I decide to sit them

I know there is no harm in trying in September, but honestly the progress I'm working at is far too slow. I sit at my desk from 9am to 10pm (obviously with breaks), but 70% of the time I'm staring at the clock or book.

Many thanks in advance

January 23rd 2018 AN ACCA USER 140 Points

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