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What is importance of technical articles while studying P3

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What is importance of technical articles while studying P3

I am preparing p3 but due to shortage of time, I am asking myself if reading technical articles is really important to pass the paper. Are there any problem if I read practice and revision kit (BPP) only?
Or if you share with me any other techniques to study and pass the paper I would be grateful.
Thank you in advance for your advice

March 12th 2018 AN ACCA USER 120 Points

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Hi there, it is very important to finish some of the past papers, at least five years past paper to make sure your revision is covered in the exam. Revision kit is another resource, just make sure you had enough practice before you go for exam. Good luck!

March 13th 2018 AN ACCA USER 1,100 Points
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I found the technical items helpful and informative, they are not long 2 to 3 pages which I found helpful I also used BPP hoping for the best after the March exam

March 13th 2018 AN ACCA USER 240 Points
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Just did the march sitting for p3.
The articles provide insight and if you have additional time do go through them ...
I found them like mini summaries for each main topic... You could you them to help revise...
If not just do the papers and know your models and definitions.

March 13th 2018 AN ACCA USER 180 Points
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Hi Patrice,

Just skim them and have a quick read. Often parts of exam questions are found in recent exams and areas that are not often covered in as much detail in the study provider's study text. It will only take a couple of hours to read them once as many articles are 2-3 sides and will give you good knowledge on that specific issue.

With regards to P3, Learn the models and just have an idea how to apply each model in the simplest of terms, i.e know that swot analysis means analysing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Here is a summary powerpoint presentation you can look at:

March 13th 2018 AN ACCA USER 530 Points
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Reading technically articles can be very important, especially if the article was recently released and is yet to be examined. It can be the difference between passing and failing for some people. For instance, I sat for my P3 exam in March of 2017 and read the most recent technical article days before the exam and the morning of the exam. During the exam, I discovered that one of the optional questions was structured after the topic covered by the article and as it was still fresh in my mind, I was able to answer it first and answer it well and this even saved me some time for other more complicated questions.

The articles are great to read for better understanding and explanations with most having great examples. Hope this helps.

March 13th 2018 AN ACCA USER 510 Points
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Just have skimm reading will help. Good luck

March 13th 2018 AN ACCA USER 450 Points