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Has anyone started looking at the SBL module?

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Has anyone started looking at the SBL module?

Looking for a study partner to join in discussions and encourage each other with this brand new ACCA module

Whatsapp: +44837579938

May 3rd 2018 AN ACCA USER 910 Points 2 Flags

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I am sabya sachi from Bangladesh want to join you as SBL module study partner.

May 12th 2018 AN ACCA USER 170 Points
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Hey, I am Clarence from Malaysia. I will be taking SBL for December 2018 batch and wanted to join with you as study buddy.

May 30th 2018 AN ACCA USER 180 Points
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Will be appearing for the strategic business leader exam and would be interested in joining the whatsapp group.
contact on +92332634817

June 15th 2018 AN ACCA USER 140 Points
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Hello Claire,

I am desperately trying to find a study buddy for this module. I thought the change was effective subsequent the September 2018 sitting of P2 but I was grossly mistaken. I am now trying to fast pedal my way into getting the book so I can begin preparation for SBL instead of P2 which I was already studying.

I would welcome a study partner(s) so we are able to bounce ideas back and forth and make the study sessions more meaningful. I see you are in England whilst I am in the US so there is a significant time difference. However I am more than flexible in accommodating this.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email at your earliest.


June 26th 2018 AN ACCA USER 140 Points
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Hello Claire,
Well I did look into the materials and it is pretty much similar to the syllabus of P1 & 3 as they are a merger of both, and the sample paper also reflects the same.

You should try going through the past papers of both P1 and p3. Definitely it shall help you proceed further in your studies and pass SBL.
Hope that helps.

July 3rd 2018 AN ACCA USER 160 Points
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Hi Claire,

I'm looking for study buddy as well.
I have already take a look at the content from learn signal.
Please add whatsapp: +353871004212

Ming Lee

July 12th 2018 AN ACCA USER 280 Points
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Hi I would like to join the group. I will take SBL this Dec and starting to get in.

August 6th 2018 AN ACCA USER 320 Points
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Hello, I m doing SBL self study , wanted to join group for sbl

August 7th 2018 AN ACCA USER 140 Points