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Should I do paper based or Computer based (AA) UK?

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Should I do paper based or Computer based (AA) UK?

Hi guys,

I'm new to ACCA UK exams and have some exemptions for the earlier modules. I'm going be starting from Audit and Assurance, how do I know whether to choose paper based or computer based exam option and what difference will it make.

If you revise well in paper format, should you just do a paper based exam. Thank you and apologies for the rambles!!!

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I'd never taken a computer based exam before so I was apprehensive about using them however I am actually very grateful to have the option now. As I see it the benefits of the CBE's are:

  1. You can go back and edit your work without crossing anything out
  2. You don't need to worry about how legible your handwriting is
  3. You're not at risk of your hand cramping
  4. The spreadsheets that you can use for calculations are easier - the examining team encourage you to use formulae so you don't need to write out all of your workings.

Audit and Assurance is mainly written with few calculations (except some ratios - make sure you revise these as they are easy marks) so I found that a CBE was easier on my hand.

There is a CBE practice tool on the ACCA website which is extremely useful. Have a look at the functionality and see how you like it. Initially I practice questions on paper but when it gets closer to the exam I use this online tool to answer the questions instead.

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Just to point out that there is only one AA exam (there no specific "UK" version). Also, with the withdrawal of paper exams, there is no longer an option in many locations. You can find out here (search in location availability)

If you still have a choice, I would add two points to Bethany's reply:
1. If you are not exempt from all the other applied skills exams (e.g. you have FR and FM to sit also), and will have to sit one of those as CBE, you might consider it a good idea to sit them all as CBE
2. If you can see that you will not expect to have to sit any as CBE, you may prefer to stick with paper-based as strategic professional exams are all still paper-based at this time.

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