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ATX UK - Most Difficult Exam

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ATX UK - Most Difficult Exam

Hi, this would be my 5th attempt in SEP 2019 for ATX UK. My last ACCA exam. I have been with ACCA for last 8 years. I have serious doubts about their marking scheme. The optional exams are taking too long for me, seems like ACCA holds some kind of grudge or it might be just another way of making money. This would be my last try if not I am going for MBA exemptions and get done with my education.

They do not provide scholarships and say we are NOT FOR PROFIT. I would suggest read through their financials and see how they are increasing and expanding day by day. Their salaries and benefits are better than any other employer in UK and all of this is just because failing students and increasing revenue. Sorry, I know it might sound like a pity party but hey this world is still beautiful without ACCA.

PS anyone interested in studying ATX UK with a pro, let me know.


August 1st 2019 AN ACCA USER 120 Points

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