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Sit exam for SBR or SBL first? haven't studied in a few years

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Sit exam for SBR or SBL first? haven't studied in a few years

Hi All,

It is a few years since I've sat an exam and just getting back into it. worse still, am also working in management rather than practicing any real accounting. is it preferable to sit SBR or SBL first? dreading starting back but if I don't do it now, I never will. had P1 but lost it without P3.

Many Thanks for your wisdom,


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I would suggest take SBR first

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Hi Will,

I suggest you check the free resources on ACCA website if you didn't before. You can get a better idea of what each exam requires and decide how long it will take you to prepare.

In my opinion, considering you are not practicing accounting, SBL can be better to start with because handling a syllabus of strategy, risk and ethics can be easier with your management background. You passed P1 before so while it is not the same exam, you are familiar with at least some of the SBL syllabus. Also, all professional papers, including SBR have ethical components and getting SBL out of the way can help you with ethical questions in the following exams. Another thing I experienced is SBR has a much wider syllabus and can take longer to learn if you are not familiar with IFRS and when you have exemptions from the previous exams or had a long break between papers.

Whatever exam you choose to start with I wish you the best of luck.


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