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I need help in P1&P3

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I need help in P1&P3

How to tackle Q1 in both papers

October 30th 2014 AN ACCA USER 120 Points
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If you practiced a lot of P3 past year papers, you will find it easier to attempt P1 questions, because the P3 Q2,3 and 4 can be equally lengthy to the P1 Question 1.

Maybe I am one of the thousand people that say this = Time Management.

For every paper you will definitely need to read the question and identify what is the question requirement for you to set an objectives what to look for as you speed reading the text.

For P1, I will use 8 to 10 minutes speed reading (practiced during my study leave) to understand the scenario in the Q1, with all the facts moving around in your mind, apply it to your objectives accordingly.

For P3, The Q1 is 2 times longer than P1, so I take almost 25 minutes to finish reading all the text and finish it in 1 and half hours time. Dec 2014 up to 4 pages!!! with some analysis required. I personally think time is more challenged in paper P3 as compared to P1. I manage to finish all the question for P1 but not P3 and I leave 20 marks blank because putting so much focus on Q1 (Which i think is not a correct way, but luckily i manage to get 50 marks). Once you reach 1 and half hours you should attempt the section B. irregatdless of whether you have finish your Q1 or not. because in my case if i were to answer about 95 marks of question, i would have gotten a higher passing marks. so dont risk by leaving question empty

February 26th 2015 AN ACCA USER 140 Points