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Ideal exam timetable

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Ideal exam timetable

What will the ideal exam preparation timetable be? Anyone willing to share theirs?

Is this good: study syllabus 1.5 months, practice & revision 1.5 months (2 hours daily) ?

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Before attending classes, I would read the chapters in advance which helped me follow through the lecture. I didn't study much. Its about quality over quantity. I did not follow any fixed schedule but I had set targets which I used to achieve. My serious study would start in the month before the exam. The last month is very critical. I completed every question in the Revision Kits. I would mark the questions where I would go wrong so I can come back to them later and do them correctly. I would recap everything using the pocket notes. I feel the pocket notes are very concise and cover all important topics at a glance, rather than studying the study text again, which is time consuming. Then I would do the important questions from the Revision Kit again and any question where I had gone wrong earlier. Being thorough in the revision kit is very important. The day before the exam, I would go through the pocket notes again and all formats and formulae.

This method works very well for me. Having said that, everyone has a different learning style. What works for someone may not work for another person.

Sorry about the past tense in the first paragraph, I copied and pasted this from my interview on OpenTuition. Hope this helps.

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I would suggest that you should spend at least 2 months to study the whole syllabus. For this, read the outline or basic definitions/ headings of the chapter you'll be covering in the class, attend the lecture, practice the questions, use Q&A bank or revision kit and start practicing questions from 2nd lecture by using your notes or study text as well. This is the time for you to learn the techniques. You don't have to remember each and everything. Make sure you are totally satisfied with your understanding of the topic. This will only be possible once you have seen a certain for example formula/model in different contexts by practicing questions. This may take 4 hours everyday (5 days a week).

I would say 4 to 5 weeks are enough for revision. Read the examiner's comments and guidance.You'll know most of the stuff as you have been writing it out while practicing questions so you'll have to put in a little more effort to memorize those things more effectively. Make sure you cover whole syllabus. Read a topic/ chapter and practice a question from that area. In the last week read technical articles and just revise basic stuff not in too much detail. Use pass cards often, make mnemonics of things you find difficult to remember. This will take 4-6 hours everyday (5 days a week). If you find it overwhelming divide your time into chunks of 2 hours. Do a certain topic for 2 hours in morning then spend other 2 hours in the evening on another topic.

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