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Is it advisable to work while studying ACCA (now proceeding to skills level)

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February 6th 2015 AN ACCA USER 210 Points

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Yes of course,but you will need to devote a lot of time to both. Be rigorous with yourself.

February 8th 2015 AN ACCA USER 8,970 Points
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What is important is to start the study as early as possible in order to avoid time crisis and issues in work and social live (I tell you this from experience).

February 11th 2015 AN ACCA USER 300 Points
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I regret not finishing my ACCA while I was not working. You can do more papers at a time this way. Right now I'm working and studying and it's a struggle to do just one paper. Maybe this is just my experience and others may be able to manage it better. Only thing I might say working can help with is if you're doing an accounting job that will help you get a better of grasp the concepts studied
February 26th 2015 AN ACCA USER 1,370 Points
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I am currently working full time whilst studying F5 and F6 and I am finding it quite a struggle. I don't have anywhere near as much time as I would like and therefore feel like I can't give my studies the focus and attention I want. I am looking into options for working part time as I am massively unhappy with the amount of time I am giving my studies. I have given up most of my social time already which isn't a problem as my studies are my priority, but personally I still feel like I am short of time.

March 14th 2015 AN ACCA USER 140 Points