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Do you study like a prizewinner?

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Do you study like a prizewinner?

This Friday (27th), there'll be Learning Room events taking place with some of the ACCA’s top prizewinners. The timings are as follows:

9.30am - Paper P8 Prizewinners
1pm - Papers P5 & P7 Prizewinners
2.30pm - Paper P3 Prizewinners

In advance of the session, we’re covering off some of their key techniques. These are just the tip of the iceberg though – so be sure to click on Learning Room on the homepage:

Start Early

Prizewinners don’t leave it to the last minute – Ezbieta Kondratowicz, who scored 98 on Paper F4, says: ‘The earlier you start reading through your study materials, the earlier you will get a good grasp of all the syllabus areas’.

Improve Exam Technique

Particularly for students for whom English is a second language, it’s a good idea to focus on improving reading and writing speeds. Prizewinner Vishal Chauhan recommends ‘getting into the habit of reading business/finance-related news’ to improve reading speed – and this also helps your wider knowledge of finance topics.

Past Papers: Practise, Practise, Practise!

Nearly all prize winners agree on this point: Jasreen Kaur, who scored 85 on Paper P1, advises that the best approach is to ‘read through the answers to every past paper see how how the exam questions are answered’.

Know Your Examiners

Alina Safiulina was the highest scorer on the F8 INT Paper in December 2012. Her secret: reading the technical articles written by the examiners, observing correct audit terminology and knowing exactly how many marks are given for each verb.

So, do you revise like a prizewinner? Which part of revision do you find the most difficult?

Don’t forget, the Learning Community will have a selection of top prizewinners joining us on Friday for a live discussion in the Learning Room. Head to the homepage and click on Learning Room to register now.

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i love this write up. more of this. study like a prizewinner.. thanks

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