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Looking for a study buddy? We've got tips!

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Looking for a study buddy? We've got tips!

There’s an area of the Learning Community specifically devoted to finding study buddies – anywhere from around the corner to on the other side of the globe. You’ll find it if you click on the Discover button on the homepage.

Tip 1:

First ensure that others who are doing the same can find you using the Discover area. Follow these simple steps to make sure you’re discoverable:

• Click on the ‘Me’ button on the homepage.

• If you’d like to make yourself contactable by email and/or phone, ensure the relevant boxes (‘Show Email’ and ‘Show Phone Number’) are ticked in the ‘Privacy’ section.

• If you’d like to make yourself contactable via Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn, simply put in the address of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profile in the relevant boxes – you’ll find them under ‘Add Your Social Networks’, underneath ‘Privacy’. Once you’ve added each one, click the ‘Update’ button.

• Give yourself the Study Buddy badge. This shows other users that you’re looking for a Study Buddy (you can search in the Discover section for other students who are wearing the same badge). Simply click ‘Wear This’ under ‘Looking for a Study Buddy’ on the right hand side of the page.

Remember, only other Learning Community members will be able to see any information you make visible in the Discover section. Non-members don’t have any access to the Discover area!

Tip 2:

Once you’ve made yourself visible in Discover, you can look for other members who have too:

• Go to the homepage and click on Discover.

• You’ll see a map showing all the other Learning Community members near you. If you click on them, you’ll be able to see any information that they’ve chosen to share – email address, phone number, and Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn profiles.

• As well as looking on the map to find a fellow student near you, you can search by name (if you’ve spoken to someone in the Community or Study Group sections, and want to contact them privately), exam (to find others currently studying for the same exam as you), and badge (to find others who are also looking for a study buddy, self studying or distance learning).

DON'T put your phone number or other personal information - such as email address or home address - in a Question or Answer in the Community or any of our Study Groups. These are viewable by non-members. Follow Tip 1 above instead.

Have you found a study buddy using Discover yet?

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Thanks for the tips

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Am new on this and really trying to make a fist of getting going with my studies. With the resources made available by ACCA, i would only have myself to blame for not making it
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