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Are you ready to start studying for your next exam?

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Are you ready to start studying for your next exam?

With studying for June exams starting now, making sure you’re ready is key. Planning at this early stage makes all the difference – just ask our prizewinners! (And you can do on Monday 16th at 9.30am GMT, when there’ll be another Q&A session in the Learning Room – head over there to pre-register now)

We think these are the most important steps in the first weeks of studying for a new exam – get organised before you get studying by doing the following:

1) Check the exam dates. Knowing how much time you have is essential to planning your study. You’ll also need to check that you don’t have anything disruptive (such as a holiday) planned during the exam period.

2) Get your study materials. If you haven’t already done it, purchasing study materials (especially the Complete Texts and Exam Kits) should be a top priority. ACCA always strongly recommend that you use Approved Content Providers for these materials – you can find a list of them here:

Online revision modules can be helpful too – but don’t forget ACCA have a wide range of free resources available here:

3) Create a study plan. Once you’ve checked the exam dates and reviewed the syllabus of the paper, it’s time to create a study plan. It’s usually best to use a calendar format, marking which specific areas of the syllabus you are planning to study on a given day. Make it thorough and comprehensive, but remember to keep it realistic – you need to be able to stick it.

Are you ready to study for your next exam? Share your tips for studying for a new paper below.

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please assist me with tips on revising for a resitting

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