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Can anyone guide me how to complete performance objectives and the way of submission?

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To record your Performance Objectives you must have a Work Place Mentor unless your employers are ACCA approved. You must answer the three challenge questions that goes with each Performance Objective which your Work Place Mentor must vet. This is down online buy recording the name and email address of your Work Place Mentor for review and onward submission to the ACCA. Challenge Questions is to enable you have self-reflection on each Performance Objective you have achieved which your mentor must review. At the onward, after answering the Challenge Questions you are to submit your answer to ACCA it will be the ACCA that will submit your answers to your mentor and your mentor shall review it and resubmit it to ACCA. ACCA will review your answers and recorded the Performance Objective in question to you as been achieved.

You must have pass your ethic module before attempting any performance objective. Note that you must have a working experience of at least three years or thirty six months either before completing your ACCA (For those ACCA Students and are already working) and or after you might have passed all your ACCA Papers. That is working experience can be before finishing the papers or after finishing the papers. For further information please, check at: Here you can have a life chat with ACCA Representatives on anything about Recording your Performance Objectives. It is an interesting media for you to know all is required as far as the recording of your work experience is concerned.

Thanks and all the best.

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Thanks Mohammad T Elomi but the link is not opening...
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