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Studying: Common Mistakes!

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Studying: Common Mistakes!

Last week we provided some of our favourite tips for studying (have a look at them:

This week we’re highlighting some of the pitfalls – these are the traps that nearly everybody falls into at some point, but are best avoided if you want to keep your studying efficient and productive (and keep those stress levels down!).


• Not Taking Notes

This is a big one, and we did cover it in our study tips to some extent – however, it bears repeating. If you’re not taking notes as you go, particularly during the ‘study’ phase of your work, it’ll make the ‘revision’ phase that much harder. Keep your notes focused on the areas you found most difficult, so that you can priority these when you return to the material to revise.

• Using Passive Studying Techniques

This links closely with taking notes. Simply reading over the material won’t do much – and it’s not really studying. Good ways to ensure that you are taking an active approach to studying include summarising the material in your own notes, and giving yourself quick tests at the bottom of every page or end of every chapter.

• Spending Too Much Time On One Topic

This is easily done in the early stages of studying, where it might feel like you have more time than you really do. In a worst case scenario you’ll run out of time to cover the later parts of the material, or you’ll end up spending far less time on them than the chapters you studied at the beginning. Creating a study plan and sticking to it is a great way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

• Not Revising Your Study Plan As You Go

We often mention that sticking to your study plan is important for ensuring your studying is effective. But it’s important to make sure that it’s achievable and it’s fit for purpose. You’ll only find both of these out as you study, so make sure you’re adjusting your study plan as necessary. Is the number of hours you’ve booked in for each day over-ambitious? Look for where you can move hours from one day to another to make it achievable. Are you finding one area of the material significantly more difficult than some others? Give this area more hours in your plan, and reduce the number of hours for areas you’re more comfortable with.

Let us know below if you’ve been guilty of any of the above. What’s the biggest pitfall for you when studying?

April 2nd 2015 AN ACCA USER 8,860 Points

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The biggest pitfall for me when studying is that I don't feel motivated to put myself in the exam conditions when writing a past question at home, even knowing that this is very useful. Moreover there's no one I can study with so that things can be more interesting, I haven't met other french-speaking students like me doing ACCA so far. But apart from the point i just raised earlier I am doing well.

April 28th 2015 AN ACCA USER 8,970 Points 1 Flag
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A pitfall for me is getting demotivated easily at the critical points such as two weeks before exam and losing focus due to voluminous materials needing to revise. This has caused me to fail two sittings in a row for same paper!
May 22nd 2015 AN ACCA USER 200 Points
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I am guilty of simply reading over the material but it cannot be helped as I often do this on the train to work and back.
May 22nd 2015 AN ACCA USER 500 Points
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Another pitfall is simply not revising enough past questions to be well balanced for examination condition.
April 28th 2015 AN ACCA USER 160 Points 2 Flags
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also switching on electronic garget while studying, reading instead of studying. knowingfullywell there is difference between the two
April 29th 2015 AN ACCA USER 2,590 Points 1 Flag
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Thanks, i will try to avoid this kind of thing.
May 5th 2015 AN ACCA USER 140 Points
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My biggest fault is understanding the subject, yet not understanding the way to answer the questions related. Any one who has done a paper based exam would agree.
May 19th 2015 AN ACCA USER 200 Points 1 Flag