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May 2nd 2014 AN ACCA USER 140 Points

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  1. attempt investment appraisal question
  2. cost of capital
  3. working capital

and remaining part of paper ,

try to tackle the computation area as soon as because in F9 there is also a big area of discussion .Many students spend their first 1:30 hours in first question and in then they failed to complete the full paper.

May 2nd 2014 AN ACCA USER 930 Points
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Attempt 1st question first it is usually from investment appraisal also easy to gain marks and after that focus on other questions.Mostly 4th question is the toughest one so be cool and concentrate.

May 2nd 2014 AN ACCA USER 280 Points
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All Topics are EQually important
AND Dont Ignore THeory Portion i.e. Compulsory book reading

THis is enough to pass f9

May 3rd 2014 AN ACCA USER 1,570 Points
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Hello, Qammar Abbas! Do u recon that these topics are definitely going to come up?:

1.attempt investment appraisal question
2.cost of capital
3.working capital

So far I considered only Investment appraisal. I've been told that its the easiest one among the large topics... So, better run to study now.

All the best


May 5th 2014 AN ACCA USER 1,490 Points
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these topics are important .if a papers include all of them then follow the list
May 6th 2014 AN ACCA USER 930 Points