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Getting The Most Out Of Being a Study Buddy

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Getting The Most Out Of Being a Study Buddy

We know that finding a study buddy is a priority for many of you here on the Learning Community (and if you haven’t found one yet, click here to go to the Discover section and find other students near you!). But if you’ve already found someone to study with, how do you best optimise your time together to ensure you both benefit?

We think there are a few ways you can do this, and we’ve put together some of our favourite techniques below. These can work whether you’re in the same room, or thousands of miles away communicating via Skype or Google Chat.


1) Plan Your Session

Select a topic that you’d both like to focus on, then divide each of the topic areas within it between you. Set a realistic goal for the session, too – if you both know what you’d like to have accomplished by the end, you’ll be more motivated during it.

2) Set a Timer

Set a timer for half an hour - it’s been shown that studying in small increments like this is more than effective than trying to study for hours at a time with no break.

3) Test Each Other

Once the timer goes off, it’s time to test each other. Spend a few minutes asking the other person questions about the area they were studying, but don’t give them any hints!
Once they’ve tested you, be sure to note down what you got wrong, so that when you return to this area you can focus your studying on these areas.

After you’ve tested each other, take a 10 minute break to chat about areas that you had trouble with, before setting another timer and starting to study the next area.

4) Swap Topic Areas

The next time you meet for a study session, study the areas that your study buddy focused on last time, while they study the areas that you focused on. This way you’ll be able to help each other more with each area – if you’re having difficulty with a particular concept, ask them for help. Since they covered it in your last session, it’s likely they’ll be able to assist in understanding it.

The same goes for helping your study buddy – and if it’s something you’re both having problems with, collaboration is a great way to find the solution.


Do you find having a study buddy helpful? Tell us your tips for studying with a friend below.

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