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salam friends!!!! can i be able to pass p2 by finishing bpp kit one time...?

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May 9th 2015 AN ACCA USER 120 Points 1 Flag

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Dears.....I am not now at P2 but I am very near to catch up in shaa,allah soon,,, I beleave that finishing two or three is not the issue , the issue is to understand the underlying theme of the paper and be able to work out questions by connecting your studies with the practical and real nature of the world....I normally close my eyes when I am doing this and see the world as per the scenerio to show me the pictures and areas that I have to touch...for example...on the performance managment paper (F5) you are normally asked to discuss something.... so what you need is first to understand what it is you are required to discuss and then pull out some basic knowledge to apply it to the scenerio...if you do some three or four points then, it s enough to score you marks.....the same applies to the other papers..

Once you do each question on the the answer very carefully....and then lock the technical words into your mind so that you can use it in the exam and the most importantly study the kit again and more works and beleive me u will see things getting very easy........

May 10th 2015 AN ACCA USER 2,010 Points