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Remember or Forgot the STUDIES ??

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Remember or Forgot the STUDIES ??

As all the ACCA students knows, that passing the exams are some time difficult for us. As time passes, Topics, Subjects or Papers (F1, F2,.....P6, P7).. are get forgotten. Is this a natural Phenomena or it only happens to me only !!

July 22nd 2015 AN ACCA USER 2,330 Points

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If you are working in a relevent role , on a day to day basis you will be coming through situations where you can use the knowledge which you gained by passing the exams. But if you are not active in Work and especially completeing your PER it is as natural as breathing that you or even anyone can have hard time remembering all those things.

July 23rd 2015 AN ACCA USER 14,370 Points
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I tried many times to get a job as all of us knows that without recommendation no one can get a job. I specially hate recommendations but these are common right now.
As you said that performing work on a day to  day basis will refresh the knowledge.. But the QUESTION is "IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ALL THE KNOWLEDGE MUST BE REMEMBERED" even if a student do  not get @  job...
July 23rd 2015 AN ACCA USER 2,330 Points
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Sir that not completely true. I did got a job just on my own. I never used any sort of recommendation/reservation quotas neither in finding college nor in finding this job.

And sir i believe its not necessary at all to remember each and everything you learnt. Just remember the experience of doing it and the basic principles and all that sort of things only.
July 24th 2015 AN ACCA USER 14,370 Points
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Rahul sharma, I am saying the truth about the recommendations that I mentioned above. May be it is not in your country BUT in my country it is common so I am disheartened whenever I apply for the job or intern for my self.
So do u know how to get a job in a local firm.. guide me on it ..
July 26th 2015 AN ACCA USER 2,330 Points
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Well i dont like to admit it but it is even a problem in my country. But there are always exceptions to it and luckily i found one. If it is a major issue in your country i'll suggest if any of your relative or family friends are related to finance field ask them to help you out for finding the relevent job/Internship programme.

I personally did the walk in interview with no recommendation letter and still got it , but unfortunately it is not always the case so have a recommendation letter with yourself and certainly hope for the best.

You may even go to the link mentioned below in order to get some tips regarding interviews.
July 27th 2015 AN ACCA USER 14,370 Points