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What are the most easy optional subjects in ACCA?

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August 16th 2015 AN ACCA USER 120 Points

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Purely looking at pass rates I would say they are similar in difficulty.
Although paper P5 had a pass rate of 28% which is the lowest of all the optional papers and P7 is around maybe you could assume this one to be easier?
I am afraid from there I can be of no further help.
You may want to read up on the option papers to see how they follow on from the F papers and then choose based on your favourite F paper?
For example: paper P4 is the follow on from paper F9 so if you really struggled with F9 then maybe paper P4 would not be the one to choose.

August 16th 2015 AN ACCA USER 1,720 Points
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It depends on you what subjects you like to study ??

As I chose P6 and P7.

Reason behind this selection is, P6 is an easy but little more technical because it includes percentages, rates etc to remember and I like P7, I love to take knowledge about audit in detail. So it depends on a person.

As i personally don't like F5 and P5 because i am not interested in these papers..
But P4 is a very good paper because it includes lots of knowledge about financial management.

And the last thing is that kind of job you thought for yourself after completing ACCA. If you are interested in joining FIRMS then I prefer you to study P7 and the other of your choice. But if you join Industry then P4 or P5 is good and again the other paper of your choice.

The option that I gave you is not restricted. Think by yourself by linking with the future.

August 17th 2015 AN ACCA USER 2,330 Points
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P5 is the hardest one, don't even think about it, only think about it if you were good at F5 otherwise totally ignore this subject. P7 is the easiest one. and comparing P4 and P6, the P6 passing rate on average is better than P4 and even P4 is little harder to pass because its a technical subject. P6 is very lengthy but easy to pass. P4 is not lengthy but hard to pass. Actually I've already passed P7 and I'm also thinking to take p6 even I was better in F9 than F6. one more thing its better to go through the past papers of P4 and P6 and then decide which one you knows better. I saw the past papers and I found P4 little difficult. P4 syllabus was not that much difficult but the paper is difficult. I saw so many things in P4 which is also in F9 but how to pass this paper depends on the difficulty level of this paper. Please when you choose one of them then let me know which one you choose may be I'll get some advice from you because right now I'm also still thinking what to choose.
August 18th 2015 AN ACCA USER 540 Points