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1st time .Please help me for exams f7,f9 and p1 in december 2015.

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1st time .Please help me for exams f7,f9 and p1 in december 2015.

hello myself hardik here giving the exam for the 1st time. please share with me whatever the information or guidance with you, it will be very kind of you to help me . thanking you for your assistance.

August 31st 2015 AN ACCA USER 360 Points

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Hello Hardik,

Starting from F7, I passed F7 in first attempt. The reason behind this is that I usually solve many past papers. So You should start with the following:

Take a good knowledge of STANDARDS i.e. IAS. Yo should understand the concepts behind each standards. To do this, first if you have any teacher or lecturer then take a regular classes and ask more and more questions. TRY to study Each standard per day and after that solve the EXAMPLES and ILLUSTRATIONS provided in the study text ( I chose KAPLAN and I recommend to you also ) along with solving minimum of 3 to 4 past papers also. Perform this exercise at least one week, then you will find a good result and you may consider yourself that you are becoming confident. If you have some concerns that you are not able to get understanding about STANDARDS then go for the technical articles which is available at the ACCA WEBSITE.

For P1 take a kaplan study text and read thoroughly and carefully. I'll give you a good example First take a chapter that you like to study (may be you pick up chapters from the end or at the middle) it doesn't matter. Read it, Think it, Make concepts. Then go for the last Five attempts atleast or start from 2010 year and try to find the questions that you had read before. Let say (You took a chapter of risk management and you read it and now take a past paper and find a questions related to the risk management and solve it). So, carry on the process and you will see that your anxiety will be lost.

And last for F9, BPP book is best for F9 paper. before going for study BPP. you should know that which questions are going to come in the exams e.g. I know that working capital will be asked by the examiner in a one single question and it is a compulsory one. So I will take every step to make a good grip in this chapter by solving examples then past papers, so that i can gain enough marks in this question. Now you understand what I am talking about. Another way to explain you is that F9 chapter business analysis and cost of capital are some times examined together, so i will go for it.


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I did not ask this question, but still I find your reply to be very useful. Its about practice, even though us students usually wait until the last two weeks.


March 22nd 2016 AN ACCA USER 180 Points