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Additional paper in the Professional level for the ACCA qualification

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Additional paper in the Professional level for the ACCA qualification

In order to enhance the quality of the ACCA qualification it would in my view be necessary to add a paper at the Professional level which requires a student to integrate his knowledge of business management and strategy, financial reporting, audit and assurance, taxation, business law, financial management and management accounting. It should be a comprehensive case study/ case studies which mirror a real life problem that would require a student to use the PER that he has acquired as well as integrate and use the knowledge gained from the above mentioned subjects. It should be an open book exam as well.

I would like to add that this paper should ideally be the final paper that can be attempted by the student en route to the ACCA qualification. Also this paper can be attempted only after the student has completed at least 2 1/2 years of PER. Several other leading accountancy qualification dispensing bodies have adopted this approach in gauging their students as to whether they're ready to enter the corporate world or public practice depending on their choice. I feel we shouldn't be left behind in this particular area. The ACCA qualification is a wonderful qualification which I deeply respect and I feel this would add value to this qualification thus making it without doubt the world's leading accountancy qualification.

I would love to hear your views regarding this.

September 1st 2015 AN ACCA USER 520 Points
Edited September 2nd 2015 AN ACCA USER

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