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Acca p2 and P1

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Acca p2 and P1

Hi there

please tell me how to practice exam questions in this short time for paper p1 and anybody have notes of paper p2

May 6th 2014 AN ACCA USER 290 Points

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Hi Asad
I am also doing p1&2. If you don't have revision kit than your bet would be to download past exam questions and answers from Acca website. Also you can visit sites such as opentuition to get some free notes and lectures.
Hope it helps, all the best!!

May 6th 2014 AN ACCA USER 510 Points
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Thanks Adesh it seems odd but I heard that last 5 attempts that is 2.5 years past paper practice is enough for acca p1 and p2 in this short time as I have both papers and have to do lots of work in these 30 days...can you suggest me any quick way of getting ready for the exams cause I am getting worried as exams are getting closer..

plus one more thing regarding p2, examiner answers are too complicated especially consolidation, I am doing lsbf online lectures in which martin jones the tutor for acca p2 told us to do consolidation adjustments which are basic and necessary and avoid complicated adjustments at once is it true???

please reply me in details and any tips and tricks that are reliable for both papers

May 7th 2014 AN ACCA USER 290 Points
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Asad you have the Lsbf lectures great is there a way of sharing it??
Will be grateful to you.
May 10th 2014 AN ACCA USER 210 Points
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Sorry for late reply dude...u can find lectures on torrent as well as on accareloaded and also accaglobe on fb...cant share with u
May 16th 2014 AN ACCA USER 290 Points