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hello guys, any advice on how to prepare for paper F3.

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Don't take the syllabus requirement for-granted. Just once, sit and read through the syllabus so you know what you should do. Not having a game plan is equal to wandering around the streets in pitch-black darkness with no torch, no nothing. Hah, so keep your torch close by.

Practice. Make sure you practice every type of question sufficiently. That said, sometimes it's logical to NOT attempt the same type of question again and again every time you practice. Eg a simple question in which you calculate either the profit/closing capital etc using the same formula, Closing Capital = Opening Capital + Profit - Drawings. It'll save your time, yeah? Plus, just get a grip on the basics and you're good to go bro. 'Course, when you're taking your mock exams, then you HAVE to do all the questions, even if they're simple ones like the one I just mentioned.

Don't leave stuff for the end - if you have an issue/concept-clarification-needed, don't wait for an hour before your exam to address this issue. Gather all the stuff you have issues about, jot it down on paper, whatever then when the coast is clear, grab a knowledgeable class fellow (if you study this at an institution), or some teacher, or an online forum such as found on this website, and ask away.

Be determined. You can do it with enough sweat, and blood (and ultimately, soul) put in it. It's just a paper. So why should you accept defeat in the face of a mere paper, huh? Have a goal. And if you're aiming just to PASS, then it's advisable to set the goal a LITTLE higher than 50. It makes sense. If you aim for 50, it's dead possible that you'll fall somewhere in 45 to 49. I've seen it happen to buddies of mine with my own eyes.

Finally - take a mock. Chances are, if you're finding you can't make it to the finish line in your mocks, it'll be a sad affair in real life too. So, learn from your mocks. Identify which type of questions you can't handle, identify which areas you're weak at, basically, identify your weaknesses then CONQUER them. Seriously, concentrate on your weak points by: brushing up on subjects, reading the text book regarding these areas, getting someone else to teach you, then practicing these areas, etc. Lots to do. Then after some time, re-attempt the mock and I really hope you will be able to pass it then. If not, you're doing something wrong.

Anyway, best of luck.

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