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I am worried about my p1 exam dec 2015 fifth attempt.

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I am worried about my p1 exam dec 2015 fifth attempt.

I don't understand why i cant pass this paper in last four attempts. Needs your valuable suggestions guys.

In every attempt i do improve my study plan for p1 and study harder, tried every technique to write an answer in a form which examiner wants but failed to do so.

Guys waiting for valuable suggestions.


November 7th 2015 AN ACCA USER 200 Points

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1) read all the current technical articles especially the interpret part where help you to identify the difference of requirement use such evaluate or critical evaluated
2)Presentation of format especially like report, memo, brief notes and etc which also available in the technical articles.
3)Pen down your answer first before reading the answer, your answer should be in sentence but short point. (Revision) Should no see the answer before you pen down your points.
However, in the exam you are require to write in paragraph no in bullet form.
4) Time management is important. In the exam time, which given 15 minutes for reading times. For the 1-3minutes you should read the requirement and select the question to do for section b which you can do and scores the most marks. Remaining minutes, you should read the requirement of question 1 and read the scenario for 2-3times and then underline important points which link to the requirement. Normally after reading for 2-3 times of the scenario will help to identify the requirement which focus the point that you want to write it down. .
5)For you, Since have attempted 4 times you should have know all the topic, definition and model.
6)Read the current examiner report to find the mistakes that you might have did in the exam which unaware of it.

Beside that, you can use website like open tuition or acowtancy which have information that you lack of.

Hope this help you and Good Luck for Dec exam.

November 8th 2015 AN ACCA USER 180 Points