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Advice to re-start your journey

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Advice to re-start your journey

Return to study should be planned and implemented strategically. Student should categorically review the reasons why he/she had to stop last time (either ACCA or non-ACCA studies) and why he/she decided to return to study.

The motivation should not be impulsive otherwise student would not be able to continue for too long.

Start by taking small steps and don't attempt to over achieve in the beginning. The foremost matter is to get yourself an academic wake up call for further learning.

The very first short term objective should be moderately achievable otherwise you would have a demotivating affect if you wouldn't be able to reach to your first milestone. Try to appear in one paper on first attempt and try to enjoy the learning phenomenon during the preparation of exam.

January 15th 2016 AN ACCA USER 8,190 Points
Edited January 27th 2016 AN ACCA USER

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Very well said Syed,
Taking small steps are really important and beneficial for students who are about to restart their journey.

By the way , i hope you dont mind but you may like to edit your question and delete the paragraphs which are repeating in here twice.

January 16th 2016 AN ACCA USER 14,370 Points
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Thanks Rahul

I was typing it from my mobile and it added the same paragraphs twice.

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