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Iam afraid i have sat F8 five or more times now and the highest mark i have got is 46%.

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Iam afraid i have sat F8 five or more times now and the highest mark i have got is 46%.

i do not understand what has made me to fail all these trials. Can ACCA sent individual comments for people who have failed more than thrice so that we know where the problem originates from? Otherwise it is such a pity!

January 21st 2016 AN ACCA USER 160 Points

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Hi Margaret,

Sorry to hear about this. Could it perhaps be that your approach to the exam is different to what is expected.

I do not believe ACCA sends individual comments however I can offer you some preparation advice.

I am assuming you have done enough question practice. But when you attempt questions from the revision kit, compare your answers to the model answers and see how they have answered the questions and the points they have made and if it is different to how you have answered.

Look at the marking scheme and how the examiners award points. I find this extremely useful in my preparation as it gives me an idea on what to focus more on.

Read the examiners comments on past papers. They highlight common errors made by students. And then offer advice on these.
Do you feel you are making the same errors? Perhaps you can find some corrective points from the examiner's advice?

Try to enrol in a classroom based course or online course, so when you practice questions, you can send it to a tutor who will mark your answers for you and tell you where you are going wrong and how to correct them.

If it is time you are struggling with in the exam, write down your practice answers timing yourself to finish in the allocated time.

Hopefully this helps. And good luck with your next attempt.

January 23rd 2016 AN ACCA USER 3,110 Points
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I just passed it and I was really worried about it. Make sure you practice thoroughly, have a strategy for how you will pass.The key to passing F8 is to practice questions thoroughly and look at the marking scheme. As the marks available come from the detailed questions (80%), you need to have a decent knowledge base of audit. Cover all the questions in the practice book and remember the 5 key areas of audit. They always come out.

Audit procedures (including ethics)
audit risk
audit evidence
Test of controls

Look at the examiner's report and see where students are going wrong. It is quite helpful.

January 28th 2016 AN ACCA USER 900 Points
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Don't be discouraged, nearly there, read examiner's feedback please and give a go...

February 17th 2016 AN ACCA USER 1,810 Points
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Hi magaret,

I am in the same situation, cane we study together?

I m

May 17th 2016 AN ACCA USER 520 Points