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How to Read Study Text Quickly and Effectively

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How to Read Study Text Quickly and Effectively

I'm full time employee, and I found it's hard to complete study text reading within 30 days. I like to know how to solve the problem.

January 21st 2016 AN ACCA USER 250 Points

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I am also employed full time and study around this. You need to be quite strict in your routine - set aside one weekend morning or afternoon, and at least one evening to study, Tell your partner/family/whoever you live with that this is your study time, so they support you with it.

When it comes to reading the actual text, try to summarise the sections in your own words in a notebook and make revision cards of the most salient points. Then, work through the pocket notes/revision guide that comes with your package together with your notebook, and create any extra revision cards. Read these cards whenever you can (lunch break, before dinner, before bed), and practice as many previous exams and questions as you can in the 2-3 weeks before your exam.

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